Notes about climate change

Ayer, mientras zampaba bollos y café, estuve viendo a mi colega Bill Maher en "Real Time...". Me quedo después una inercia lingüistica por la cual empecé a tomar notas sobre qué me parece lo del cambio climático, y tal y cual, pero en inglés.
No es un esnobismo, aunque nunca había usado otra lengua que no fuera el español voluntariamente para escribir. Y me hace ilusión publicarlo.

I’ve had enough with fanatics.
There’s been always climate change. A bunch of years ago, more or less, the Sahara Desert was s jungle. Not even a millennium ago, a squirrel could travel from Tarifa to the Cantabric Coast of Spain from tree to tree, without touching the ground. Where there factories, cars and the whole load of shit that we produce today? No.
This may content some eco-dumbasses, but they wouldn’t get my point in a million years: in which way are we helping “global warming”?
There is, in fact, scientific data that shows a pattern of significantly cold eras after a period of high carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
This does not matter, what does is using the fear factor. It is important for some rich “but responsible” saviors to justify their crusade.
Apart from opportunists and bored masses, the fact is that we don´t know a tiny fuck of what’s going on. Nevertheless, we could be more polite with earth and thus more efficient. Throwing garbage to the sea or destroying forests is just wrong, selfish and disrespectful.
Acting like the planet’s owner shows an overdose of self-importance and an alarming lack of humility with or surroundings.
We might as well stop trying to use scientists to one’s favor (letting them engage in independent and more truthful studies) and start acknowledging that those that we call barbarians are often more respectful with nature than we are.

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Stultifer dijo...

Qué ilusión me hubiera hecho a mi leerlo en español... Bueno, otra vez será. De momento me quedo con las ganas.

Nando dijo...

Sounds a lot like Mr Barcala Sr.!!!

Earth is not a gift from our parents, it is a loan from our children...[cit]

Lo dijo...

Jo qué envidia me dais los que sabéis inglés así, tan very well :)

Justo dijo...

I absolutely agree with you.